The Pro Bowl takes place a week after the Super Bowl, and by then most of America's too tired of football to care, unfortunately.
by bigtones February 14, 2006
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An NFL football game that is (reportedly) played in Hawaii the week before the Super Bowl. Despite several claims that is does in fact exist, no one has ever actually seen it, and it is widely considered to be a myth.
Bubba: "Dude, I was flipping through the channels and I think I saw a Pro Bowl!"

Chazz: "Shut up Bubba everyone know's there's no such thing as a Pro Bowl."
by shitler!! January 28, 2011
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A popularity contest in which mediocre 7-9 NFL teams have 9 selected players to play in an unwatched football game while the super bowl champions have 3. All selections are fan-based and considering how stupid the American population is, this correlates to the amount of “snubs” each pro bowl has. The pro bowl is also known as the “FU” statement to Julian Edelman and the New England Patriots.
Julian Edelman is snubbed of a Pro Bowl appearance every year despite being a future HOF receiver.
by Ms Gobies December 18, 2019
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