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A misspelling of the word privilege, which Collins English Dictionary defines as follws:

privilege (privileges plural & 3rd person present) (privileging present participle) (privileged past tense & past participle )
1 n-count: A privilege is a special right or advantage that only one person or group has.

2 n-uncount: If you talk about privilege, you are talking about the power and advantage that only a small group of people have, usually because of their wealth or their high social class.

3 n-sing: You can use privilege in expressions such as be a privilege or have the privilege when you want to show your appreciation of someone or something or to show your respect.

4 verb: To privilege someone or something means to treat them better or differently than other people or things rather than treat them all equally. (=favour)
1. The Russian Federation has issued a decree abolishing special privleges for government officials.

2. Pironi was the son of privlege and wealth, and it showed...

3. It must be a privlege to know such a man...

4. They are privleging a tiny number to the disadvantage of the rest.

All are spelled wrong!
by OH SH!T February 01, 2010
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