Only those who own a private Bank can open this kind of account. Private banks do commercial business on paper only and do not tie assets to digital surveillance systems. There are no private online banks. Digital currency is all subject to the scrutiny of government regulators, private identity thieves, and scammers.

ALL DIGITAL CURRENCY IS SUBJECT TO BE SCRUTINIZED BY GOVERNMENTS. Bitcoin and all others included. You may hype it up and trade it among your friends all you want but you cannot eliminate the exchange rates that apply when cashing out or buying in.
My private Bank account is my freezer at home with a Bank balance of two gallons of frozen Blackberries having a net worth of whatever I may trade them for. Currently, Blackberry futures are still at $19.99 and holding steady. I am in this for the long run, and a Blackfoot redneck never gives up.
by Spiritual-Master January 30, 2022