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Pristo (Originating from the word Pro, Pristo is said to be the name for "Pro of all Pro's") It is also know to be one of the sexiest names ever, (its just as sexy as the name 'Tootill') This therefore means that there can be a very big spark between a certain Tootill and Pristo. A perfect match can be made between a Pristo and a Tootill but to find two of this kind together is very rare indeed.
However, my senses are telling me, there is a very big possibily that a certain Pristo and certain Tootill will go very far in life together. Matthew Pristo often meaning 'pro sex god' and Jennifer Tootill meaing 'an extreme sex god' These pro's have a lot in common and could last a life time together
'Did you see them Pro's the other day, they were ALMOST up to Pristo and Tootill's standards.
'That girls so sexy, she could almost be a Tootill'
'Those two seem like the perfect match reminds me off the pro's Matthew and Jennifer'
by Alham Hadison March 25, 2008
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