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Desvenlafixine marketed as Pristiq is a new except nor really & over-marketed anti-depressant of the NDRI class, meaning the drug inhibits the reuptake of serotonin as in SSRIs, as well as norephedrine. Serotonin can be attributed to energy and livelihood, norephedrine to focusability and maturity in a broad sense. Ups?: Will give a lazy person a few hours of motivation to do normal things in life, like shower, answer the phone, maybe even work a shift at a waiter gig. Downs?: If you're a male, zero chance at horniness. You want to eat everything. Insomnia. Pillhead/Pharm geek's advice? Take it with Wellbutrin, which inhibits dopamine reuptake-- it'll restore your libido and give you a litttle positivity. But seriously... your munchies will never go away. You'll spend stupid amounts on candy and ice cream.
Only take Pristiq with Wellbutrin, or your porn will be worthless. Oh! If you can, take some Adderall, too! That's a guaranteed good mood ;) and you won't gain 30 lbs!
by jordan_brown_sings February 20, 2011
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