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Terminology that The Cabbie Homicide writer used when he addressed Gaahl when he was using the n-bomb and learned that the American Black Metal con man might had conned one of his relatives who was featured in Wall Street Journal. It's implied the language is stronger than double homicide taunting as this stems from the selling of wolf tickets. Some terms in prison language are slurs at particular gang members as it does employ Spanish terms, as each prison gang has their own terminology. Watch Lockup and you will pick up on it. Some of the terms are hard insults on Blood and the other their rival (as these two are gangs in Los Angles.) There are some prison slang born out of Iowa Department of Corrections as in they dragged one out of the sandbox. Then you have the term sliming which according to Lockup is when an inmate uses a combination of their own water and fecal matter mimicking behavior of other primates (see the behaviour of chimpanzees in captivity when being handed a banana.) I had heard classmates use the term gump on some other kids as we were not talking Forrest Gump as it's a prison term for donut-puncher.
Fandom Wank -- the psycho who laid into us in his book was using tons of intense hard language.

Another -- I never heard these terms before.

Fandom Wank -- some of who watched Oz might heard the term prison language. It's coded language where it combines profanity, ethnic language that's an insult, or implying one is a chomo.
by ilinoishorrorman January 20, 2018
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