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During the summer of 2007, the Pringlless was founded by 3 kids in Illinois. The Pringlless is a small organization we made which is basically just a group of friends from the town who have a group of people to call when they are bored. The group has become big enough that no matter what time it is, you can always call at least one person to go around the city with.

Rules and Guidelines of Pringlless:

1. The Pringlless shall consist ones friends or classmates. 2. To join, you must buy the group a can of Pringles, preferably cheddar cheese Pringles.
3. Within the members, there are ranks which we all follow.
4. These ranks are: Junior member, inferior member, Superior member, and almighty member.
5. In order to change any thing in the Pringlless at least 3 almighty members must vote on it.
6. Any member can suggest a change to the group such as their own pringlless animal or song.
7. To join, you must buy the group a can of Pringles, preferably cheddar cheese Pringles.
8. In order to move up the ranks, you must show up to many Pringlless events and complete predetermined tasks that everyone else has completed such as crossing a small river or jumping in a fountain.
9. Almighty members have all the authority in the group and can also vote to kick people out of the group (anyone may be kicked out).
10. Eventually, everyone makes it up to almighty. once someone obtains the almighty rank, they must take a name in the pringlless such as "the almighty drummer", or "the almighty linguist". Basically, you can be almighty of whatever you choose.
11. Have fun and be active.

I encourage everyone to start a pringlless group of their own town while following these simple guidelines, although, they are just guidelines and not official rules. Also, post i encourage you to post your definition of your friends pringlless group on Urban Dictionary!
Things that we usually do while β€œPringllessing” include: bike riding, going to the library, going to each others houses, walking all around town visiting all the buildings we see, buying the group food or drinks, or just plain being random. I really enjoy my time in the Pringlless and I am a proud almighty founding member of the Pringlless.
by Bendstraw7 May 28, 2008
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