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PCS. a school full of nerds and just full blown fags. the teacher's suck. i wont say cause i want to keep it anonymous.

the lunches come from cox's. school lunches suck, but this takes it to a whole new level. a regular lunch ncludes shit covered in cum served with a side of cut up alien penis and a milk. the most ridiculous part of it all is that the lunch is $5. do yourself a favor, bring your own lunch.

the sports teams suck too. they dont even bother holding tryouts. anyone can play.

oh, and dont even get me started on field day. you know how field day is supposed to be competitive? well at pcs, there is no competitive aspect to field day. it's all about faggy teamwork and helping out those bitchy ass little kids. fuck them. no tug of war, no relays, no individual events. instead, we do activities like sack racing, run-out-to-a-plunger-spin-till-u-get-dizzy-and-run-back, and roll-a-ball-down-a-tube. they need to bring back old field day. it's not teamwork, it's all about competition - winning.

also, i just think it's hilarious how they do all these anti-bully workshops. for the duration of the workshops, people stop bullying. the workshop will end, and everyone will go back to calling each other dickhole, fuckface, or whatever the case may be.

fuck charter. some of the worst years of my life.
Princeton Charter School student: OMGZ00RZWANTZ2B3MYFRIENNDZ!?
JW student: Faggy Charter kid.
by IHATECHARTERSCHOOL September 10, 2010
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another word for hell, This school is for kids who are mostly nerd and douchbags. also, the perv gym teachers who have been checking girls out for too long. Apparently, he cannot help to stare, Like get your sad 5000-pound pussy life in shape along with that body.The people there... assholes EVERYWHERE. 1st people who think they are cool or "popular" because they are stacked as fuck. Like I don't give a shit about your supreme sweatshirts you horny dickhead. 2d the people who are rich and "nice" even tho they still think dabbing, any way is actually cool. we all know that white Adidas comes with black leggings and Starbucks 3d the nerd. The one whose parents actually paid for most of the shitty things in our school that is falling apart, as usual, I mean we haven't had soap in the bathrooms for almost a year. Then there are the nerds who think they are cool or try to copy everything well this one "cool kid" does. Just a message - Its not making you cool. And then we have the people who no one actually knows exist. I cant talk more about this bc I barely even know their names and that would be rude to guess. Then there are the people who aren't fake and are actually nice. They are very hard to find, only about 15 of them out of the 300 kids. Charter kids, you know how to do that math. And there are only a few good teachers like 2. We get so much homework it actually takes a good day maybe 4 hours in all? Thanks to fucks we call science teachers.
1. Someone from JW- Are you from charter?
Charter Kid- No what are you talking about I don't even live here.......

2. Charter Kid- how many books did you bring home today?
JW kid- oh nothing much just binder

Princeton Charter School Kid - Yeah same nothing much, all I have is 3 biners, 2 textbooks, 5 notebooks and some loose paper in my backpack but I don't know where the fuck that came from also FUCK YOU.
by depressed as fuck January 04, 2018
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