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ahh prince william school is the simple definition of absolute shit. It is known for its wank offsted report and no child should attend there. Teachers who work there deserve to be stabbed because they cannot teach. Students who do attend most likely think they are either a) smart asf and go to the best school ever but really they just have autism

b) living on a council estate in oundle or thrapston and think they are road asf and from the endz because they smoke fags and weed

c) a group of girls and boys in each year who think they are better then anyone else and do think they are hard having a piss up every friday tryna act and look like they are 18 but in reality they are tramps who go to bloody prince william lmao.

no one should attend or go within 10 foot of this trampy place, you will probably catch aids.
lewis: "brev (whilst lighting a fag found on the floor) i go prince william school."
dan: "ugh, thats dirty, who would wanna go to that school. dont speak to me, we ent mates no more!"
by riley_1 June 11, 2018
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