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Also known as a "PG Dinner Jacket".

Prince George is the largest city in northern British Columbia, Canada, and is the centre of the regions forestry industry.

Temperatures in and around Prince George can fall below -20 degrees celsius in the winter months and warm clothing is a necessity. Many of the areas inhabitants wear the classic Stanfield-made "Island Tuxedo" wool undergarment sweater in combination with a flannel or plaid outer jacket.

This flannel or plaid outer jacket has been dubbed the "Prince George Dinner Jacket" by the inhabitants of British Columbia to define it's rugged characteristic. Those who dawn it endure environmental hardships on a consistent basis. The inhabitants of northern BC wear this style of clothing on a fairly regular basis when heading in for dinner at home or out for dinner in town, hence it's title of "Dinner Jacket" emerged.

Many of those living in warmer areas of British Columbia, like Vancouver, will wear this clothing as well, and it is said they are, "Dawning their PG Dinner Jacket".
You see someone wearing a plaid or flannel outer jacket in a casual setting that does not suit it's intended use, "Hey, nice PG Dinner Jacket" or "Hey, nice Prince George Dinner Jacket, you going to go buck wood?"

It is cold outside, "Better wear the ol' PG Dinner Jacket today, boy!"

Many of those enjoying recreational activities in the vast British Columbia wilderness will not leave home without their, "Prince George Dinner Jacket".
by RoamCanada November 24, 2011
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