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Primary Meat (n) is defined as the main meat ingredient in a sandwich.

The term identifies the defining meat on an individual sandwich and does not characterize a meat on it's own merits. For example, in a BLT bacon is the primary meat; on a turkey club, bacon is not the primary meat.

The Primary Meat on a sandwich may or may not determine the name of the sandwich:
A Turkey Club is named for its Primary Meat, but an Italian Club is named for the collective ingredients of the sandwich, not a singular Primary Meat.
There are a few "tiebreaker" scenarios:

-Tiebreaker 1: When multiple meats are on a sandwich, as with a club (ham, turkey, bacon), the highest quantity meat becomes the Primary Meat.

-Tiebreaker 2: If multiple meats are present in the same quantities, the meat which provides the most flavor becomes the Primary Meat. In our example above of a club sandwich with ham, turkey and bacon, if there are 2 fingers of each meat, then bacon would become the Primary Meat.
(Exceptions to this case would be flavored meats such as cajun turkey, smoked ham)
by Kremz May 01, 2012
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