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when you call/text/shout out to a buddy to tell them about a situation or about your day that consisted of you being a prick.
Tiffany: Hey Gabe :) (Gabewalking to his locker and this tease comes up and links arms with him)
Gabe: Don't fucking touch me...bitch
Tiffany: What the hell? Gabe seriously..whats your problem?
Gabe: You?! Now please, get away from me..
(While Tiffany storms off, Gabe walks behind Tiffanys quicker pace very satisfied of his Prickness)

After school he calls his bro dylan to give him a PRICK UPDATE, and rants on about how she will always comeback for more because of how much she want his 'D'.

Dylan then gives Gabe a PRICK UPDATE.
by E-bag November 09, 2009
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