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A girl who is not attractive trying to raise her perceived "hotness" level by trying to act overly bitchy or trying to reject you when you clearly are uninterested in her in the first place. They think that by acting try-hard in this way that it will magically make them seem like a Hot girl. What they don't seem to understand is that the Hot girls don't actually act like that.

The concept would be similar to one going into a Dollar Store and seeing items marked up to $10, when you know for certain that they are only worth $1. It doesn't actually change their value. It just means they are overpriced.
1. Joe: "I was trying to be polite, and smiled at that girl over there as I walked by, not even thinking about it. Next thing you know she's rudely telling me, 'Sorry, I have a boyfriend!' so everyone around can hear. What the fuck?"

Bill: "Don't worry man, she's a pricetagger."

2. Fat Girl: "Oh my god, stop hitting on me you fat creepy fuck!"

You: "Uhhhh. Stop being a pricetagger. It doesn't make you less fat by calling me fat and it doesn't magically mean I'm hitting on you by you trying to reject me. I'm not even talking to you. I'm talking to your friend."
by Ronnie Libra October 17, 2014
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