Where was mine again? I missed it.
Hym “Where was my presumption of innocence? Because unlike the retard and the whores in the brothel, I didn’t insinuate that I was doing the thing of which I was accused. And in response to the allegation that was levied against me, my question was: if I am being transferred out in response to an allegation, why was she not transferred out when she was accused (by someone other than me) of fucking the retard? I was fired for not reporting the retard sex when I was the one being told about the accusations of retard by a manager. You don’t give a fuck about the presumption of innocence. You care about protecting women regardless of guilt and you’re abusing the presumption of innocence to extrajudicially arbitrate the outcome of the situation. And there are women in prison for doing the thing I’m talking about.
by Hym Iam October 17, 2022
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