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The Preppy Redneck is essentially a wannabe classic redneck who's rich daddies buy everything for them. They are often members of private schools, drive mint condition full size trucks with lift kits, wear Carhartt, Costas and camo ball caps. The Preppy Redneck never actually hunts, fishes, or goes to the river. They simply love to show off their rebellious ideations without actually rebelling. You'll find the preppy redneck possessing either a George Lucas beard or a goatee. Local women completely lose all logic and self respect over the Preppy Redneck man. They are found primarily in suburban Alabama and Georgia.
Hipster: Sweet Yah, that preppy redneck's existential purpose is nearly as ironic as my wardrobe!

Preppy Redneck: Hey gurl, how about we get some new cowboy boots with my unemployment check then go to my daddie's house and gave terrible sex under my camo blanket?

Redneck: Boi, get yer dadgum sissy little ass outta this town til you learn to be a real good ol' boi!
by TheSpecticalSpectator May 17, 2018
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