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A Preneuraholic is someone that has been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and became addicted to the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Once bitten you cannot go back to your former jobber life. You hate your job (if you still have a job). You may have quit a "normal" job to pursue your dream biz.

You obsess about business ideas or inventions. You can pull ideas out of your butt all day long. You love to hear about others' ideas and usually believe you can do it better.

If you own more than 5 domains you are on the verge of becoming a Preneuraholic. If you own more than 10 domains and most lie dormant, you are a full out Preneuraholic. You just know one of these days you will build that biz or that web site and become the next Pierre Omidyar (Ebay founder...a true Preneuraholic would know that).

A Preneuraholic drives their spouse/bff/aquaintences nuts with their latest great idea.

I am a true Preneuraholic because I just created a new word, preneuraholic, bought the domain name (probably my 50th)and fully believe I have the makings for the next great web biz (for the 20th time this month alone)!
by Bizdev July 10, 2008
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