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When you bid someone a premature farewell, creating an awkward moment where the conversation has been ended, but the two people are still together. When the actual moment to physically part ways is at hand, a weak/awkward second goodbye is sometimes given. Usually happens with someone that you kinda know, but not enough to start up a new conversation.

(Tom sees Mel at movie theater)

Tom: Hey Mel great movie, huh?
Mel: Yeah it was good
Tom: I know. Well... see you at work.
Mel: Bye.

*both begin to walk silently in the same direction, right next to each other. (because they unknowingly parked in the same area)*

Mel: ...bye?...
Tom: *pretends not to hear, jumps into car, leaves*
Mel(alone): that was an awkward Prema-bye!

Example 2:

Steve: I said goodbye to Meagan at the bus stop today.

Bill: Yeah? cool!

Steve: Yeah except I said goodbye a minute too early and we were both waiting for the same bus.
Bill: Ouch! wicked prema-bye!

Steve: i know...
by Klubrice007 August 20, 2009
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