Prelude Curse refers to the phenomenon where most young males who owns a prelude have terrible luck meeting, dating, or maintaining a relationship with those of the opposite sex.
Every Since buying that 5th gen prelude, Bobby had horrible luck finding dates. He eventually masterbated to death and his spirit haunts his car, which was sold on ebay, to this very day.
by Coil222 June 9, 2005
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(2nd definition): an unfortunate, undiagnosible series of problems, mechanical failures, and accidents suffered by any persons (male or female) that choose to purchase a Honda Prelude, particularly of the 4th and 5th generations. Eventually resultant in the totalling of the vehicle in an accident (personal injuries have been recorded) or the removal and sale of any/all function aftermarket parts from the chassis which is then scrapped.
Laura has never escaped the Prelude curse: after totalling her 5g, she got the 4g. I don't think that thing has ever run for more than a month: the first shop messed up the head on the new engine, then it just died, last I heard she'd swapped IM's and it still wasn't running.

by Dr. Jekyll December 1, 2005
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A soul-consuming hex that is placed on Honda Preludes. Owners of the Honda Prelude will notice a rather gratuitous level of misfortune entering their lives. These encounters will include near-endless amounts of painfully sad and intense traumatic experiences that will eventually consume the owner's very existence. In modern times the curse still remains to be within each Prelude.
Ever since he bought that old black 1993 Honda Prelude, his life turned upside down for the worst. Every day he had turned into a terrible struggle, riddled with bad luck and misfortune. His tired engine burned all its oil within 3 days, and every nut and bolt he touched stripped. He tried his hardest to survive, but he never stood a chance against the Prelude Curse.
by A very tired h23a May 27, 2022
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