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To enter a relaxed state in anticipation of something awesome happening.
Dennis: "You look relaxed today."
Kevin: "Yeah, my workload is cut in half next Tuesday. I'm prelaxing."
by dr menace August 20, 2010
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Prelax (Intransitive Verb): To relax or enter a relaxed state before something bad or stress-inducing occurs that would normally nessecitate relaxation; to relax preemptively.
When school resumed, Jill seemed nervous, and even though there were no tests scheduled for several weeks, most of Jill's classmates agreed that she definitely needed to prelax.
by Maximillien February 14, 2007
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the last relax before the real work begins.

("sex-lax" is a pre-lax session consisting in part, or in whole...of sex.)
"Bout ta get my "pre-lax" on, then I'ma move this furniture."

Rule #1) We shall not dicuss work in any form throughout the duration of my pre-lax.

Rule #2) We do not discuss the duration of my pre-lax.
by Vijay Jay February 26, 2011
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