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A hermaphrodite that takes multiple wieners in every hole in its body except the vagina witch it shoves abnormally large pumpkins. you can always tell where ones been because of the diarrhea trail it leaves behind. A Pregler is usually attracted to a melvin. A Pregler often attempts to deceive you by trying to convince you that it is not a Pregler but you are. A Pregler often hangs out at gay night clubs.
Guy # 1: Yo brah did you see that Pregler at the nickleback concert last night?

Guy # 2: yea luckily I didnt fall victom to its dinosaur vagina

Guy # 3: Unfortunately I cant say the same thing...

Guy # 2: Yea you and about 400 other guys.

Guy # 1: even that blind guys seeing eye dog.
by JonPwndYou! April 25, 2010
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