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What you do when you are taking such a big dump that you are afraid you will clog the toilet, so you flush while the dump is being made. What you do when you expect a "Clogger Shit."
by Stew711 July 20, 2015
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A flush of the toilet prior to the end of a large bowel movement, intended to "preempt" the inevitable clogged toilet.
"Dude, I just passed a four pounder! Dodged the log jam too, with a mid-shit preemptive flush."
by pixeleyz August 17, 2009
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To flush the toilet before one is done peeing.

Generally done if one is in a hurry.

Requires extreme skill to save the maximum amount of time- flush it too early, amd you will end up needing to flush again. TOo late, and you have wasted your time.
Preemptive Flush Example:
John, who was late for his college final, attempted to preemptively flush the toilet. Unfortunately, he flushed too early, and had to flush the toilet again. THe extra ten seconds this took caused him to be hit by a bus on his way to the test.
by cr101 December 06, 2009
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