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A flush of the toilet prior to the end of a large bowel movement, intended to "preempt" the inevitable clogged toilet.
"Dude, I just passed a four pounder! Dodged the log jam too, with a mid-shit preemptive flush."
by pixeleyz August 17, 2009
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Members of the National Rifle Association and the Republican Party who show up at public events such as town hall meetings, Presidential appearances and elections, openly carrying guns in an effort to intimidate Democrats and minorities.
Tom, did you go vote today? well I went to the town hall, but the place was surrounded by the NRA Taliban with AK-47s so I couldn't risk it.
by pixeleyz August 19, 2009
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A pragmatic (practical) prisoner who allows others to have sex with him in order to gain security or favors. The acronym PRAG probably also stands for Prison Raped Ass Girl.
Hey, can I borrow your prag for the night?
by pixeleyz November 10, 2006
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