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Prediction phobia creates self limitations.
Being slaves to predictions, never to test if predictions are true.

Fear prevents a person from being oneself, and never test if predictions become reality. This prevents the brain from becoming calibrated with reality. Some of our predictability comes from people failing to be creative and simply parroting behavior of others.

A person who always pays attention to how he/she behaves, and don't let go of this prediction of how others look at him/her-self.

When focusing on what you predict others' opinions/reactions/views of you are, you will restrict yourself and act worse than you would otherwise.

How do we know anything for sure?
The cure is to test every prediction that comes in the way of doing what you want. See how often your bad predictions were incorrect, and how they affect your life.

You make predictions reality by focusing on them. Let go of the prediction's control over you and start controlling yourself. Wake up, enjoy the now, stop predicting.
Prediction phobia stops you from doing what you feel like: dancing, getting to know strangers, not drinking beer at the bar, not laughing at jokes you don't think are funny, playing loud music, talking loud, singing, talking to groups of people.

"You have been living in a dreamworld Neo. This is the world as it exist today." -The Matrix

"You didn't try to hit on the girl when you had a chance?"
-"No, I didn't think it would work"
"Haha you let prediction phobia take control of you, you had your chance and you didn't even try."
-"No I don't, I play the lottery even though I know I won't win, but this is different."
"No I don't see your logic, your self-image isn't going to be damaged. Risk rejection or go home mad at yourself for not taking the chance?"
-"Wow thanks! I will start to ignore my predictions."
by Chelator August 05, 2011
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