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To promote the interactions between a pedophile/child predator, usually by the jailbait/prey. The minor will provoke the pedo to talk sexually to, without even being sexual. S/he could say "go away and leave me a lone you perv" and the predator will hear that she wants his penis badly.

Commonly used online, where the predator/prey rates are higher than ever. Many "prey" will actually get lulz from this predavoking, but it could end up badly, so we do not encourage this at all.
1."Did you hear about the new fad that Terra started? It's called predatorvoke. You find pedophiles and start a conversation normally. Then, if you get tired of hearing they want your body, tell them to go rot in hell. If they heard "OH FUCK ME BABY!" then you're good at predavoking.

by thedevilherself July 21, 2009
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