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Y'all know what prefunking is. Pre bating is the same thing, but masturbating before an event or function

Think: There's Something About Mary
I better pre-bate the date I have tonight, otherwise I'll nut waaay too soon
by E-funky December 24, 2005
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Masturbating whilst fantasising about someone with whom you have engaged in sexual relations, before you see that person
I prebated before i went to class as i know i would see tom
by Okurrt June 04, 2018
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Rebate paid in advance of payment for a product
The website proposes a gasoline tax offset by a $1000/person prebate, to be paid before the tax takes effect
by OOBonomics August 12, 2009
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(v) to prebate - the act of celebrating an occasion before it actually occurs. Shorthand for pre-celebration.
Buddy 1: Happy birthday my dude!
Buddy 2: My birthday isn't until next week.
Buddy 1: Then why are we here?
Buddy 2: It's a prebation bitches!

Guy: Thanks for coming to my prebation. I want to prebate all over the place with everyone here! I'm prebating everywhere right now!
by doprahsinfree January 09, 2012
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Prebate. The act of touching ones genitals prior to masturbating.
"I prebated so much last night that when I started I came in 4 seconds flat!"
by Binglingabo January 21, 2013
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