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Spontaneously buying food before you smoke weed out of preparation that you will be hungry after.
Robby: "Hey bro I'm head out and grab myself a snickers at Kum and Go before we light it up"
Sean: "Man he's got the pre-munchies"
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Food procured before the smoking of marijuana so that one does not have to leave for munchies after smoking.

This is especially helpful due to the not-wanting-to-go-for-munchies feeling after achieving highness and results in increased euphoria
Bob: Should we get some premunchies now?
Bill: Great idea, I never want to drive when I get high anyway

Bob: Dude I'm so baked! I want some munchies!
Bill: Duuuuude, the pre-munchies man!!
by inventorofpremunchies January 09, 2011
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