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Pramsey, Isle of Man
Coordinates: 54.321111°N 4.384444°W
Manx: Phrumsaa

Pramsey (Manx: Phrumsaa) is a town in the north of the Isle of Man. It is the second largest town on the island after Douglas. Its population is 7,309 according to the 2006 census (7,322, 2001 census). It has one of the biggest harbours on the island, and has a prominent derelict pier, called the Queen's Pier. It was formerly one of the main points of communication with Scotland. Pramsey is also known as 'Royal

Pramsey' due to royal visits from Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1847 followed by King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra in 1907.

The town was officially Renamaed to Pramsey to celebrate the local girls who celebrate having Europe's highest underage teen pregnancy and underage drinking records respectively.

Local celebrities from Ramsey include 'Uncle Slippy Fingers' who is famed in these part for fathering at least 50 children to mothers under the age of 13.
Ramsey Breeding School

A breeding school has existed in Pramsey since 1681. It moved to Lezayre Road in 1933 and was housed in a building that now forms the east building of the present school. In 1939, the school was requisitioned by the RAF for the war effort and in 1946 was re-opened on a non-selective basis with 460 pupils on its register. The school now has over 1000 pupils with 140 teaching and support staff. 4 It has three buildings, the East building, West building and South building, the West and South buildings being connected by a two-level corridor. While the South building was being built, a North building, formerly Auldyn Infants School, was temporarily employed to house pupils that were previously in the South wing of the West building. The South building being opened on the 24th October, 2007,5 the North building was demolished, making way for the new junior school for Pramsey, Scoill Ree Gorree. A former pupil of the school was George Isherwood (born 1889), the English rugby union player who was part of the first official British Lions team in 1910. He attended the school in 1901 before moving to Dulwich College. Grammar School.

To cope with the high influx of children the school has recently installed pram racks (Similar to bike racks) to reduce the amount of robberies that take place, also a nursery is currently under construction to remove the babies from the classrooms so the schoolgirls learn to 'shag' and not get interrupted by the babies
by uncle slippy fingers September 10, 2011
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