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A free-range cephalopod used by Subgenius acolytes in the pursuit of ultimate Slack through the expression of their oozquirt laden glands. Natural emitters of F-Rays, these offspring of Cthulhu are prized by the Overmen and Overwomen all around the world for their hedonistic sexual expression.

Normals are unindoctrinated to this world and must not be privy to the sensual powers of the Prairie Squid, as it will cause them to be obsessed to the people of a full collapse of their personal and professional lives.
At the last X-Day Devival, several Doktors passed around a Prairie Squid until the chafing got too intense.
by Taum September 04, 2017
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Term used by many in the child pornography circle to define a 'star' that has been forced to retire do to over use.

Such people can often go on to lead sad existences, forcing them to show off where they're not wanted and sniff their mother's underwear in an attempt to recapture the smells of the film-set.
Prairie Squid - pity them... and give generously.
by Kakihara Shogun June 19, 2004
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