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The electro-powerpop band on Fueled By Ramen records.
Emo Nerd 1: "I just heard the song Dancing in the Freezer by this new band called Powerspace!"

Emo Nerd 2: " I'm pretty sure the song is called Dancing in the Future...Who would want to dance in the freezer anyways?"

by GingerKid12 January 17, 2008
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A new wave pop-rock band from Chicago that smells like electricity. If Bloc Party Dragonforce and Ashley Parker Angel took ecstasy together, they'd spawn a race of Lunar Dragon Angels partying (which might be something like Powerspace).
Q: How hot is Powerspace?
A: 99 Degrees and rising.
(they're all over the internet)
by Corey DiGiovanni August 06, 2006
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basically the most powerful-pop band to come out of chicago since the dawn of time.
powerspace is self explanitory.
by sajkdhasjkdhalj January 14, 2008
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