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(verb) The act of sitting on a couch or a recliner for extended periods of time to watch TV, movies, and/or play video games. A minimum of 5 consecutive hours must be on the couch or recliner.
X - Where's Mike at? He was supposed to help me fix my car today.

He told me he found a new series on Netflix so he's powercouching all day...said, "he'll do it later"

X - oy vey, what a yutz I tell ya.
by ayodaw6 July 10, 2018
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(V)- To sit on a couch that has no back legs to prevent the act of falling while you are sleeping. The couch has to have 2 cuhions, with the exception of couches that fat men broke while fixing the ceiling. Any couch that meetd the following requirements is said to be "powerful" due to superior comfortability, sitting, and awesomeness. (N)- Powerful Couch
"OPC(Original Power Couch)"- Currently residing in Patrick Opps bedroom.
"DC(DJs Couch)"- Currently residing in a welfare ran home(Not DJs, hes republican).
"NCWNATSOA"(Nurses Couch Were Not Allowed To Sit On Anymore)- Was once so powerful due to location at a school, but the bitch-ass red guy, A.K.A Bitch-ass Red Guy, exclaimed the haulting of our Couching Priveleges.
Dude 1- Dude i slept on this couch that coincidentely had no back legs and only 2 cushions.
Dude 2- Dude, you were power couching on accident!
by DOWNS SKAMP DUMP March 18, 2009
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