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Start by putting powerade in a women's vagina. Then insert your penis into her pussy and start pounding her pussy to a pulp. By this point the juices should be mixed into into a thicker, tastier slurpy-like substance. Finally, use your mouth to extract all of the slurpee from the pussyhole into ones mouth.

Variation: If she's hurtin' for a squirtin', shove a half bottle of powerade into her pussy right before she climaxes. After you get all those precious juices, put the cap on and take it to go or save it for later.
At a San Diego State University sorority party, Brittany and Pj started getting friskey in bed when Brittany proposed that she wanted a powerade slurpee and Pj delightfully agreed and put the blue powerade in her vaghole and starting ramming his dick as hard and fast as he could to create the thick slurpee substance known as powerade slurpee.
by purple pulp pussy June 16, 2013
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