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A term used by women when they have an advantage over boys.Craeted by Gabrielle F. and Danielle S.
Gabby and Danni walk in to a movie theater carrying a big black purse filled with discount candy from Price Busters.

Ticket checker: Hey can you leave that bag out here? It's a little big and well, um... My boss thinks thats how people smuggle in candy and snacks.
Gabby: So what your telling me is, just because i have a purse on means im sneaking in food?
Ticket Checker: Well thats what my-
Danni: She is on here Friggin' period! How dare you! Do you know how terribe that is? No! You dont! Because you have a PENIS!
Ticket Checker: Look Im sorry!
Gabby: The Damage is done!*She fake cries and walks in to the lobby with danni behind her.*
Danni: Hey gabby are you hungry?
Gabby: Ya! Are you?
Danni: Ya! Hand me some of these BK burgers and the snkickers we got before coming in here.
*Gabby reaches into her bag and pulls out the goods. The ticket checkers looks at them dumbfounded.*
Ticket Checker: Hey! Um.... Well- You uh... NO OUTSIDE FOOD!
Gabby: Their for my CRAMPS! Can you be anymore insensitive?!*she fake cries again, and takes of running to screening room 12, danni is right beside her.*
Danni: Works everytime!
Gabby and danni both yell: POWER OF OVARIES!
by 96BeavisNButthead96 June 29, 2010
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