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A week of pure insanity and lots of drinking. In order to have a power week a group of people must have a major drinking event every night of the week followed by a trip to a local bar. Drinking events can include but are not limited to Power Hours, Power Centuries, Case Races, Tour De Franzia's, and Beer Olympics. Formal invitations must be sent out to all participants of Power Week in order to keep things classy. WARNING: Power Weeks have been known to cause liver problems and may constitute many trips to the hospital. The first known Power Week occurred at Providence College.
Tom: I have no work to do this week, you wanna drink tonight?

Ben: I have a ton of work, but lets be honest i'm not gunna do it, lets have a Power Week!

Tom: Yes!, i'll start writing the invitations!
by Berikans March 12, 2011
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A week of successes, achievements, and general badassery.
1. Joe: How's it going?

Tom: Amazing. Having a power week; got a new job, girlfriend, and got that rash cleared up.
by riffraff01 March 31, 2014
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