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Hip hop group featuring Swan Dog, Beefy, and The Hawk, coming out of Guildford, Romford and Leicester respectively. Currently have recorded 3 LP's based around the themes of Jersey City, treacles, and the 5-0. Their 3rd track featured a number of other unknown artists.

The beats were produced by the up and coming talent Frere.

Based out of Jersey City in the groups early days of 2009, but recorded their tracks from a quaint, top floor, penthouse apartment on Bleecker Street; one of the most desirable streets in the Greenwich Village area of Manhattan.

In a recent interview with Vibe Magazine they responded to the issue of their lack of commercial success with the following answers.

Swan Dog: "Well old chap, we're quite happy with the small following of around 20 people that we have. PT really dont want the riff raff and peasants of the world hearing our spiffing rhymes"

Beefy: "Its cos we're street, innit. I came from the gutter and im staying in the gutter. I aint selling out to no shit. I like it down here, you feel me"

The Hawk: "No comment" (sour)

The future is uncertain for the trio. Talks of recording their 4th LP in Surrey, England are underway.
Infamous Power Triangle Lyrics:

"Get to Newport Spirits, fuck its closed down, why aint i surprised in this shitty soulless town"

"Treacles they be running through my bloodstream, i keep my boys ultra lean, my rhymes taste of cream, make the honeys scream"

"Cash cash money y'all hear come the po po"
by Power Triangle January 14, 2010
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When two men are having sex with a woman; one of the men is at the front end recieving oral while the other is at the back end. The woman is in the doggy style position and the "Power Triangle" is completed when the two men give each other a high five with both of their hands simutaneously. It is called a "Power Triangle" because when it is seen from the side, it creates the shape of a geometric triangle and also because it's fucking awesome.

The "Power Triangle" can be eqiulateral, isosceles, or scalene. This is based on the number of midgets involved.
Mike: Hey Joe, remember that midget stripper from the club last night?

Joe: Yeah.

Mike: Well, after you left, Eric and I took her into the back alley and gave her an isosceles "Power Triangle" with Eric.

Joe: Niceeee.
by 944779 May 17, 2010
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