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Official Rules of "POWER DREIDEL!"
-Form a circle with 3 or more people, taking turns, clockwise.
-The game requires 2 dreidels. 1 main dreidel & 1 bonus dreidel.
-Set aside a large cup as the community chalice & fill with 1 drink of beer at the beginning of the game.
-Set one shot of liquor beside community chalice.

-Spin main dreidel. If it lands on...
Gimmel: Take 1 drink.
Hay: Pour 1 drink of your beverage into community chalice.
Nun: Give 1 drink to person of choice.
Shin: Drink all contents of community chalice
...OR risk it & spin the BONUS DREIDEL!

-The bonus dreidel allows a person who spun Shin a chance to avoid drinking the community chalice.

-Spin the bonus dreidel. If it lands on...
Nun: Choose someone else to drink community chalice.
Shin: Drink all contents of community chalice AND the shot of liquor.
Gimmel/Hay: Drink the community chalice.

-Any time the community chalice and/or shot is emptied, refill with a respective drink of beer and shot.

-When someone spins the bonus dreidel, form a circle, do a Hasidic style dance, and loudly chant "BO-NUS DREI-DEL, BO-NUS DREI-DEL, BO-NUS DREI-DEL!"
-All participants vary drink types to make community chalice less desirable.
-Specify a designated bonus dreidel guardian who is the official caretaker of the bonus dreidel.
"Dude, that Power Dreidel game got me so drunk last night that I put on a Santa Claus costume and made love to a Christmas tree!"
by Power Dreidel King December 16, 2012
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Drinking Game played with four dreidels. At players turn, player spins four dreidels and does each action associated with the symbol.

Nun - Nothing happens

Hai - (Beer) Drink Half of your beer. (Mixed Drink) Drink once and spin again. (Liquor) Half shot

Gimel - Give a drink to someone else.

Shin - (Beer) Chug it. (Mixed Drink) Take three. (Liquor) Take a shot.

"Dude, that game of Power Dreidel last night was crazy! We got wasted so fast!"
by Jesse Conti December 10, 2006
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