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To make ones roleplay character superior to other characters in terms of strength in a roleplay scenario when they logically shouldn't. Power modding is almost always looked down upon because it makes roleplaying unfair when it comes to roleplay fights. You can tell if someone is power modding by observing how the person makes their character so much stronger than the rest to the point where it is ridiculous. If the setting of a roleplay were to be in a universe where everyone's maximum strength is being able to lift a car, and one of the roleplayers decided to become fucking Superman all of a sudden, then the person roleplaying as Superman would be power modding because they logically shouldn't have such power in a universe where the maximum strength they can possess is limited.
Person: "Sup fam."
Modder: *I'd stick my palm up and aim it towards you and fire a ultra powerful stream of energy at you.*
Person: (Yoyoyo what the fuck man, this is a high school RP, we're all students. You shouldn't be able to do that, stop power modding.)
by BigNig117 March 04, 2018
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