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Pronounced "pooOO-see"
Best used with a european accent, preferably a Ukrainian or a Russian.

Said to a male when he is chickening out, in the most derogatory way possible while gesturing with pelvic thrusts. Generally used when the guy refuses to have another drink.
Anuvaj: "I don't want to do a keg stand, I have to work in the morning"
Masi: "Its ok, you don't have to drink as long as you know you are a fucking POUSSY. You're fiance is ok with you being a POUSSY, then ok, be a big POUSSY"
by unodostresquatro September 03, 2009
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when u r in a hurry to look at porn this is what u spell on accident; also an australian gang or something
i typed in poussy when i was looking at porn
by booga March 02, 2005
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