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1. The repercussions of a swift knee to the thigh area, resulting in bruising of said area for the recipient and much lulz for the one who supplied it and any bystanders. The potleg itself may also be delivered via the medium of the heel (of the foot), elbow, knuckle or household object. In extreme cases, a potleg can leave the victim unable to walk properly for quite some time and may induce nausea.
1. Dude, I woke up this morning and my thigh was purple. I owe you a serious potleg
2. He's concentrating pretty hard, I think he'd appreciate a potleg right about now
by christheomnipotent January 18, 2008
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the tingling sensation you feel when you have been sitting on the pot too long;

when the toilet applies pressure to your legs for a long period of time and causes them to become numb;
Pot leg always ruins my bathroom reading.

by Nik_Nik February 06, 2009
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