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A Potato Launcher is usually an unmounted grenade launcher (such as the Thumper in Modern Warfare 2.) Just like a mounted grenade launcher (Noob tube), it is commonly used by noobs to get easy kills, since it does not require any skill (or, not a lot.) It comes from the fact that grenade's shapes seem like potatoes, and from ''real'' potato launchers built by people all around the world in real life.
Goddamn noob just killed me with his potato launcher!
by Eljmaster July 13, 2010
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A tiny car with a loud engine, usually a foreign import car with a large exhaust pipe. Also sounds like a wind-up toy or lawn mower.
The mini-thuglet teenager in his pimped out potato launcher punched the gas and took off at a whopping 30 mph.
by Bonocusack February 27, 2008
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