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A habitual user of marijuana.

Containing or related to a person "addicted" to consuming or smoking marijuana on a daily basis. Usually multiple times a day due to stress or any reason they feel necessary. The person feels it is completely normal to have this habit.

A person who would be defined a stoner, pothead, or burnout.

Back formation from alcoholic

Straight edge
1. Mary: "I don't know how you wake up ad smoke right away."

Jane: "You know i'm a potaholic!"
stoner pothead burnout reefa cheefa}

2. Mary: "Billy Bob looks blazed again."

Jane: "He must be a potaholic..."

baked blazer high

3. Mary: "Sam is so uptight!"

Jane: "He would probably relax if he was a potaholic."
chief master green fiend rasta man

4. Potaholics accross America are fighting for legalization of canibus.

marijuana pot bud weed ganja reefer

5. Mary: "You smoke a lot!"

Jane: "Meh, i'm a potaholic."
weed head toker smoker your local rabbi cheech chronically baked

6. Mary: "The most laid back people you will ever meet are potaholics."

Jane: "That's so true! They are the most easy going people."
snoop doggspace cowboy chief master my friend, indeed
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by sunshinebella September 19, 2016
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