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The feeling one gets when doing homework late night, and finishes their work finally to be able to go to sleep- staying up past your bed time to cram an assignment in that is do the next morning at the beginning of class or by the specific online submission time, wondering if you should just give up or keep going- the longer you stay awake to finish your work the harder it becomes to focus on what the assignment is asking you to do and keeping your eyes open- It happens a lot around the time of holidays, playing catch-up because of events, and also around finals; especially those who put party before smarty- Can cause insufficient/rushed work, sleep depravity, and lack of interest in throughout the day due to being tired- Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, and even adults have all had Postcontentinosis; every person has at least done this one in their lifetime.
I felt postcontentinosis after finishing the last problem on my math homework.
by the_a_effect October 03, 2017
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