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a.k.a. P.D.G.D.

a medical condition were all someone thinks and talks about is an individual game after they have beaten said game. Said victim also begins to experience analogies between real-life and said game resulting in "playing" out loud, in front of everybody. This disease casues the player to want to get back to playing the game, and temporarily makes him/her feel like they are still playing. This can also spread to the subject's dreams. Similiar to Post-Dramatic Stress Disorder.
Guy #1: Man I'm such a Giovanni!
Guy #2: A what?
Guy #1: A boss, man you know Giovanni? From Pokemon?
Guy #2: suree I guess, I just don't talk about it that much.

Guy #2: What are you doing now? Why are you punching those puppies in the face!?
Guy #1: I'm EV training duhhh.

Doctor: I'm sorry but you have an extreme case of Pokemon-related, Post-Dramatic Gaming Disorder.
by Gorillafaceoff May 24, 2011
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