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The Post-Bromantics lead a life of social intellectual camaraderie; spending their time discussing topics such as the existence of God, the beauty of women, and the inebriating factors of God's gift to man. Traits of Post-Bromantics very closely resemble those of metrosexuals in the sense of style of dress, manner of behavior, and linguistic and epistemological tact. Centered on the belief is to determine life's universal truths as experienced through each other. With unwavering loyalty and jocular chauvinism, they revolutionize the idea of friendship through a philosophically social approach to life.

Jesus Camp? Have I heard of Jesus camp? Of course I have! We totally Post-Brolated (the verb from of Post-Bromanticism) the hell out of that movie! We discussed and laughed about it for over an hour!
by NymphOrgJustice November 06, 2009
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n., A social movement of the late 2000's reacting to the stereotypical "bro" of the past.

Bromantics of the past exude tooliness; living their life to the full extent of their alleged "manliness", they engage in activities celebrating their sexual nature and physicality. Most are generally white who like to excessively exercise, speak in an inarticulate manner usually regarding the "chicks" and alcohol, and identify with brand names - specifically with brands like the Armani Exchange - in an attempt to care about their looks in a fashion unsuitable of Bromantics but appropriate for a metrosexual (although a metrosexual knows how to actually look good). The Bromantics seemed like a sect of homosexuality due to their obsession with mutual masturbation and porn viewing parties.

In response to this seemingly socially unacceptable life philosophy, men started banding together in ways that did not fit this social standard; their relationships developed from their sheer disdain of bro's. As time and the occurrence of these groups continued, a label of a "Post-Bromantic" was adopted as their "philosophia vitae"
Wow, Fight Club totally was the perfect choice for our Post-Bromanticism themed movie night.
by NymphOrgJustice November 06, 2009
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