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Post Food Anger or PFA is a disease that causes the victim to turn to violence after the victim ingests any type of food (chocolate muffins, chicken sandwiches, pizza, etc.). There are certain stages to Post Food Anger such as swearing, changing the subject of the conversation, denial, getting up and leaving, silence, making stupid faces for attention, and acceptance.

The unique factor about Post Food Anger is that the stages do not have any particular order to them and can occur at any time after the victim has ingested the food. Most times the sudden and violent outbreaks occur in front of many people, leaving everyone very confused and understandably scared for their lives.
Student 1: Wow isn't lunch wonderful today!

Student 2: Yeah lunch tastes delicious!

Student 3: F*ck you guys.

Student 1: Oh don't worry, he just has Post Food Anger.
by CitrusMBD February 23, 2012
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