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The 2 months of really really missing Disneyworld after you've returned from Disneyworld. Post dusney syndrome can last from 2 weeks to 2 months. Basically, post disney syndrome is when you have returned from Disneyworld and you start to realy miss the "happiest place on earth". Side effects include wearing a mickey hat during the duration of the syndrome, wearing a pin lanyard aswell, and instead of going out for a fun night with friends, you decide to stay back and watch disney movies by yourself with a bowl of ice cream while being surrounded by the souvenirs the subject picked up. Post disney syndrome is very common and usually happens to adolescents more so than children or grown ups.
Hey, do you think jimmy will come out to Amy's party tonight?

Naa, He has Post disney syndrome he probably will in a good 2 weeks to a month, but he needs some alone time for now
by M&MMMMMMM August 09, 2010
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