Post Disney Depression (PDD) happens to kids and guests all over the world. However, a severe case happens to cast members who do a program known as the ICP (International College Program) or CRP ( Cultural Representative Program). Some symptoms of PDD are: saying a cheesy greeting to people as they enter the parks, parties at Vista Way apartments, Sunday nights at House of Blues, karaoke night at Buffalo Wild Wings, 4 lokos, late night Wendy's and Wal Greens runs, and the list goes on. As of right now no cure has been found. Disney has been told about this program and research funding has begun for this initiative.
I can't function. I'm suffering from Post Disney Depression.
by Nitsujoh September 23, 2011
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A condition suffered by diehard Disney park fans after coming home from a Walt Disney World or Disneyland vacation. Feels like something is missing and real life is depressing. There is only one cure; planning another trip, and if that cannot be done the phase will last several weeks, either immediately after arrival home or a short delay after.
Also known as PDD.
After coming home from Florida Jackie called all her coworkers castmembers for two weeks. It must of been a bought of Post-Disney Depression.
by Jackie Smithson January 15, 2006
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Condition experienced when an individual becomes slightly depressed and generally stagnant as a result of a recent departure from Disney
Gerald is suffering from post-disney depression after returning from a trip to Disney
by ScarlettHolmes July 14, 2016
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That sad ass feeling you get when leaving Disney land.
Girl A: I’m single but I feel like a princess in Disney… I’m getting post Disney depression.

Girl B: Yeah.. back to reality. I gotta go back to the strip club to find my prince horning.
by DaGodlyQueen April 30, 2022
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