Post Avatar Depression, also known as P.A.D for short, is the case when a person after seeing the movie "Avatar" (By James Cameron) eventually realises that the world they live in sucks ass and that they will never be able to fly, jump or live like the Na'vi do on Pandora.
Guy 1: Wow that movie was amazing,
Guy 2: *Sniff*
Guy 1: dude, are you crying?
Guy 2: Bro... my life sucks..
Guy 1: Aww shit... looks like Post Avatar Depression..
Guy 2: i need a hug :(
by Tsu'Tey January 1, 2010
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A serious bout of emotional depression usually occuring after watching James Cameron's "Avatar", and realizing that no matter what, our world will never be as cool as that, and you will never be able to ride a dragon, live in trees, or have awesome blue skin.
Friend 1: "Hey man is Chris coming to club tonight?"

Friend 2: "Naw man, he's still going through post-avatar depression..."
by IAH January 22, 2010
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A sadness or depression at the fact of not being able to live in a fictional world usually presented in a film, video game or book. It was given a name after the release of James Cameron's Avatar when a large amount of people expressed this feeling going as far as to say they are suicidal on internet forums. This phenomenon would later go on to inspire the creation of the Reality Shifting TikTok trend (Which is just dreaming, despite what the 14 year old girls would want you to believe.)
James: I'm really depressed after reading Harry Potter. I want to live in that world so bad.
Cameron: Well James, what you're feeling is Post-Avatar Depression. It'll go away in a few weeks.
by CantUseMyRealName June 28, 2022
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