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A combination of the words "poser" and "frosh" as well as the acronim for peice of sh*t to describe an annoying freshman in either high school or college who thinks they're the shit but are really just dumbasses. Usually wannabe punk/skaters and somewhat skanky. Major signs of posfroshes are but are not limited to: wearing zebra print, wearing cheeta print, bright colors, wearing bows in there hair everyday, taking pictures of them selves in an emo way, misplaced facial percings and too much eyemakeup.
Girl One: Wow, look at that Ariyan girl!

Girl Two: I know! Last year she was wearing American Eagle and hoop earrings and now she's got her lip pierced and is wearing zebra print and is dating a skater. Wtf?
Girl One: Ugh, posfrosh.
by aseaisearch May 30, 2009
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