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1. n. An act in which a man squats over the face of another and rests his testicles on the eyes of said person who is lying on his or her back. He then takes a loose dump down the throat of the other, whose mouth is agape.

2. n. A large amount of wet dirt tumbling down a hill or mountain in Portugal.
My girlfriend and I were caught in a small village after a Portuguese mudslide, and she asked me to give her a Portuguese mudslide.
by Ronald Peperoni October 22, 2009
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Very similar to a hot lunch. An act common to lovemaking couples in Portugal, this is where the male climbs upon the face of his partner, blocks her vision by laying his testicles in her eyes, and spackles her nose and mouth with greasy diarrhea.
"She was already eating my ass, so I upped the ante and pulled off a sweet portuguese mudslide!"
by thomas foolery December 20, 2006
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