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An indie rock band originating in Alaska consisting of John Gourley, Zach Carothers, Noah Gersh, Kane Ritchotte, and Kyle O'Quin. They're the fucking best. Real fucking great music instead of shit there typically is these days. Orgasmic to the ears.
Guy 1: hey, what are you listening to?? I think my ears are having an orgasm!
Guy 2: Portugal. The Man motherfucker.
by madsmel November 21, 2013
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An indie-turned-mainstream rock band that insists on having “The Man” in their name due to being mistaken for the sound of a woman in nearly every song.
Person 1: “Hey, this song is pretty catchy! Who is she?”
Person 2: *laughs* “No, no, no, it’s Portugal. The Man.”
by Already used by someone else December 12, 2017
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What once was an amazing band from Alaska that gave listeners great indie values has turned to shit ever since “Feel It Still” was released
Friend 1“I’m really getting into indie my favorite song is “Feel It Still” by Portugal the Man
Friend 2 “Pfff that ain’t Indie bro that’s annoying bubblegum pop you have much to learn dude.
by Indie_valley007 February 06, 2018
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